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100% Test Coverage for Online Payments

TestingPays provides developers with a range of testing tools that will improve testing coverage and maximise successful transactions.

Our API simulators provide simple integration with your favourite language and framework. We provide consistent testing processes across multiple different payment gateways.

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Payment Testing with Testing Pays

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Key Benefits of TestingPays

Code Templates

Code Templates

Achieve 100% test coverage; bring continuous integration to payments.

Faster Rollout

Faster Rollout

40% reduction in integration times with 3rd party payment and fraud services.

Better Product

Better Product

Documentation and code to deal with all checkout scenarios - good and bad.

More Revenue

More Revenue

Less checkout error, better failure recovery and minimised software down-time.

Payment Gateways We Support

  • Stripe
  • WorldPay
  • Realex
  • PayPal
  • Neteller

How Testing Pays is Making a Difference

Before using TestingPays we were dropping transactions due to untested payment responses. Now our customers are given the correct information to help complete their transactions and our revenue has increased by 20%.
Tony Woods, Eyesparks

Who Benefits from TestingPays?

Tech Managers, CTO

  • Full team utilisation
  • Happier resources
  • Less downtime to explain
  • Risk control for company revenues

Software Coders & Testers

  • Payment integration code
  • Ready-to-go API mocks
  • No more test credit cards
  • Load testing
  • CI for payments

CEOs, Business Owners

  • Better customer checkout
  • Improved success rates
  • Less abandoned carts
  • More satisfied customers

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