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Building a better payments landscape for online merchants

Conor Wogan

Conor worked as VP of Engineering at mobile payments company Sumup and has spent 18 years advising technology startups in Dublin.

Máté Marjai

Máté worked as Lead Engineer at mobile payments company Sumup. Before that he was an engineer at companies like Full Tilt Poker and Hostelworld.

The Story of Testing Pays


Future founder, Conor Wogan, has his first experience of online payments. Working for one one of the world's biggest gaming brands, he has to keep millions of customer transactions to a multitude of destinations running smoothly 24 hours a day. He sleeps less.


A young Máté Marjai, an ace payments developer, joins Conor's team. He develops some cool payments products but it's tough going. He sleeps less.


Our pair of future co-founders are now working jointly together advising other companies on payments products. They realise that the same battles that kept them awake back in 2007 are being fought repeatedly by online merchants today. They vow to do something about it.


They found The Payment Works with a vision of a beautiful payments landscape in which online merchants lose no sleep over their customers' payments. Their first mission: empower engineers to make better quality payments


The Payment Works launches it's first product, Testing Pays.