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The smartest way to test your businesses payment system

We understand payments and want to help your business provide the best experiences for your customers

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Add new payment options

Add new payment options for your users and increase your customer base

Better customer experience

Build a better payments experience for your customers by taking every scenario into account

Recover failed transactions

Convert failed transactions into successfull ones with better insight into your payment system

How much money are you leaving on the floor?

Calculate Savings

Manage Risk

Protect your current revenue by implementing industry standards

Continuous Improvement

As your customer and products evolve make sure your payment system can keep up

Prepared For Cyber Monday

Don’t get caught off guard when it really matters, be prepared to handle anything thrown your way

Prevent Failed Transactions

We provide all scenarios your user might come across so you can be prepared to help

Why use Testing Pays

Decrease Development Time

Our simulators enable your team to roll out new payment options in half the time. The more payment options for customers, the greater your revenue.

Increase Checkout Conversion

Our simulators give you the controls and tools to analyse and find improvements for your customer checkout experience.

Protect Revenues

We make continuous testing of you customer payments easy. Prevent software bugs that cause payments errors and outages.

Get these benefits for your business and start building a new standard in payments experience

Customer Testimonials

Having a way to reliably work through many different user journeys – happy paths and problems – on test environments opens up the possibility for the identification of significant improvements we can make to our product.

- Roger Martin, VP of Engineering

Before using TestingPays we were dropping transactions due to untested payment responses. Now our customers are given the correct information to help complete their transactions and our revenue has increased by 20%.

- Tony Woods, CEO, Eyesparks