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Increase Test Coverage

Using our tools you can get all the responses that an endpoint can return. No more being surprised by undocumented errors.

Easy CI Integration

Our system easily ties in with your continous integration system, just ask us, its what we do ourselves.

Faster Integration

Forget waiting for test accounts and scanning through endless documents. Clear and simple instructions are what we believe in.


Current Payment Testing

inconsistent payment flows

Testing Pays Solution

Testing Pays flow

Built for developers

Testing Pays is built for developers.

We provide powerful simulators for common payment APIs. Say goodbye to frustrating sandboxes.

Sign up in seconds, get your account key, paste it into your code. Done! Start your payments testing.

Where is your weakest link?

Load test with ease

Add new payment options for your users and increase your customer base

Minimal Setup

Build a better payments experience for your customers by taking every scenario into account

No Throttling

Convert failed transactions into successfull ones with better insight into your payment system

Schedule a load test

Real Time Feedback

With our in browser live tail you can view your test transactions in real time.

Letting you iterate quickly and take the pain out of debugging.

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